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DD_Review_Comedy_Theatre1952Diana had a sultry and sexy singing voice and had proved from an early age that she could captivate an audience.

During the war she had entertained visiting service men accompanied by her father at the piano or organ.  Once Diana hit the spotlight and her career had well and truly took off, her husband Dennis Hamilton realised that there was big money in cabaret shows and would earn them some coffers in between films. 


Diana’s first West End appearance in the Comedy review “RENDEZVOUS” received great notices, for her performance however the rest of the show was a disaster! 


The show which had had a brief tour in April 1952 before coming to the Comedy Theatre in London’s West End where sadly it’s poor reviews of “Dismal Affair”, “New Revue Dull and Witless” Diana however shone in an otherwise shoddy show. Rendezvous' was a flop.


Following the good reviews Diana had received Diana’s husband, Dennis Hamilton, came up with a plan to earn some extra cash, cabaret.  Diana began entertaining in cabaret shows, guest appearances and released a double A side record on the HMV Label.  The two tracks released in 1953 "I Feel So Mmmm" and "A Kiss and a Cuddle" both proved very popular, 

 Diana appearing on stage in "Rendezvous" 1952  Rendezvous1952

This was the height of Diana's fame, she was making appearances all over the world, amkeing approx 4 films a year during the 50's and by 1959 following a run of successful cabaret shows across the world, Diana had her own Variety TV show.  “The Diana Dors Show”  Co-hosted by her comedian husband, Dickie Dawson.  The success continued and the show ran for two seasons, with a host of notable guests.


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