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Anna Mazzotta Diana Dors


Anna Mazzotta 

Diana Dors exhibition


Swindon Central Library

May 2018 - June 2018

Born and bred in Wiltshire Anna Mazzotta is a refreshing addition to the art world. Of proud Italian ancestry Anna has an incredible work ethic. She has been nothing short of prolific in her Bristol based studios and is currently planning exhibitions in London, LA and her home town of Swindon.


The female artists that inspire her are Leonor Fini and Tamara Lempika. Her work features many strong, powerful and yet vulnerable women, shown in scenes which highlight the human condition, subsumed with humour. Themes and subject matter made ever more important with the backdrop of the current day issues women are still facing.

Anna is passionate about the beauty of caricatures, with just a few strokes of brush or charcoal a picture can be transformed. All too easily a life drawing can be anatomically perfect yet the picture can totally lack life and spirit. Her work is underscored by a physical interaction with the medium. Her drawing an extension of self for the viewer to also engage with, to make their own.

Anna strongly believes humour is the emotion that allows us to truly connect with each other and art. She is recently quoted in stating: “Art provides insights and empathy and connects the viewer with my pictures in their own context, their own experience which then makes the picture their own”

Her painting is a way of seeing the world, thinking – feeling, showing sensations, not just the mechanics of a scene, but instead emphasizing energy, life & the letting the character’s inner emotion come forward.


Winning multiple awards along the way (the most notable of which was being one of the youngest winners of the prestigious JerwoodDrawing Prize) Anna appreciates the accolades but they’re not her work’s driving force. Anna wants to connect with a wider UK audience & use this as a launch pad for an International showcase, exhibitions & engagements

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